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Interesting that it took a price increase on imported chopsticks to create an interest in reusable chopsticks... Too bad they don't recycle the old wooden chopsticks for some other purpose. ...even toothpicks...ha ha
The myhashi look adorable....I keep a pair in my pocketbook, but they're cheap and plastic....easy to wash and throw back in the purse and I don't have a lovely fabric wrap for them. Leave it to the Japanese to make even chopsticks look pretty.


I've heard that the Hanshin Tigers make chopsticks out of their bats that have cracked while playing.

I agree that Japan uses way too many "use and throw" (tsukaisute) chopsticks.

I will start carrying my own pair soon...after I make a cute bag to carry it in :)


what a coincidence! I just bought myhashi today. Although I had lived in Japan long enough to own myhashi, I seldom eat out and I just couldn't find a pair of hashi I can call mine. I didn't follow all that news about disposable chopsticks issue being brought up again. I'm curious how your myhashi looks like. Please show us your readers what is wrapped in the oshare hashi wrap.

Also, just curious if you ever bought those tubs of "instant" microwavable rice. I'm not sure if they are cheaper but they are certainly much faster to cook!

Have a good weekend!


Hi Amy, this is my first time at your blog... came across it researching blogs based in Japan in anticipation of a summer trip.

Your myhashi case is very inspiring and looks like a great project to approach!

thanks for the inspiration


I think myhashi started showing up before news of this import ban. Or at least I hope so.
I've actually seen signs in a few restaurants that said they recycle their chopsticks, but I don't know what for. Paper? There really should be more recycling, but even that should be a last resort- why don't more restaurants use real, reusable ones?

That's right- they were selling pairs of them at Koshien, the Tigers home stadium. I wanted to buy a pair for my husband (big Tigers fan), but they were pricy!
I hope you share your instructions. I'd like to make a chopstick wrap too, but have no idea how.

That's great! I actually don't have a nice pair of myhashi, just a cute wrap. The plain wooden ones in the picture are the onese I'm currently using. I'm keeping my eyes open for a pair that are nice, easy to clean, and rough at the tips (so I can eat slippery noodles).
I've bought those rice blocks before and will often stock up on them when I travel, so my husband will have something to eat. The rice tastes better than expected, but still not as good as "real" rice. Also, I think they're more expensive than cooking rice yourself.
To avoid having to buy them, I always cook extra rice and freeze the leftovers in single servings. Rice freezes surprisingly well!

Thanks for reading, and hope you have a great trip!


Instructions for making your own fabric case can be found at http://www.glocal-kibi.net/web/action/myhashi/hashihukuro.html


Thanks! I'll have to give that a try.

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